Release Notes

Each month we summarize all of the features and enhancements we made to Aptexx. Read about them here!

March 2017 Release Notes

RELEASE NOTES March Release Notes John Bonds, CTO 9 April 2017 In March we made some adjustments to our development process in order to optimize our development team performance. Now, instead of weekly releases, we will be shipping new code every two weeks. This gives...

February 2017 Release Notes

February was a diverse month for us. We worked on a wide range of new features, integrations, and made significant enhancements to our security measures.

January 2017 Release Notes

RELEASE NOTES January Release Notes John Bonds, CTO 9 February 2017 January was a very productive month for us. With Aptexx Conversations™ complete, we were able to focus our efforts on fine-tuning each of our solutions with the feedback we received from our clients....


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